What is the typical age to start taking piano lessons?


The typical age range is 5 to 6 years old. That being said, every student is different and some may be okay to start at 4 and even 3 years of age whereas others may need to start at 6. This is determined in the preview lesson. Regardless, all students should know how to count to 5 (for finger numbers) and their alphabet, letters A through G, for note names.


Is it okay that my child begins learning on a keyboard?


YES! In fact, I started learning on a keyboard at the age of 5 and a half and eventually progressed to an upright and ultimately a grand piano. For more information on keyboard vs. piano selection, see the "What Piano is Right for Me" and "The Specifics" pages.


What types of music do students learn?


Students learn the music that THEY want to learn! Not limited to classical repertoire, students are provided a solid foundation in method books that are geared towards their learning style and from there can choose their own selections and styles with my recommendations of course. Examples of selections studioB students have chosen include but are not limited to "Amazing Grace", "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele, "Let it Go" from Frozen, theme song from Beauty and the Beast, and the theme song from video game Supermario Galaxy II.



Is the first lesson complimentary?


Yes! The first lesson or "preview" lesson is of no charge to you.



What is the process of booking a lesson?


I must speak with ALL applicants/parents of applicants in order to book a preview lesson. Once a time and date is agreed upon, I will send a questionnaire for the student to complete. This questionnaire is to be emailed to me BEFORE the preview lesson so I can create a personalized lesson for the student.



Do you teach students with special needs?

Yes! Please ask me directly for more information on my experience in this regard. Oftentimes, what are seen as disabilities by society prove to be HUGE abilities in music lessons and other areas in life!