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Online piano lessons with Dr. Campbell

How it works


Online teaching history:

Dr. Campbell is in her fourteenth year of piano teaching and sixth year of online piano teaching. When she moved from Southern California to Las Vegas in 2018, she was asked by students in California if she would consider teaching them online. The rest is history and she is grateful that she was able to continue working with these students. Her online students reside on both the West and Eastern coasts of the United States.

Lessons are offered on Skype or Zoom and Dr. Campbell provides two camera views for students. The first is a general wide-shot view and the second is an aerial view of the piano keys. Dr. Campbell wears headphones in all lessons and uses an ethernet cable to ensure the best sound quality is heard.


What's included:

Individualized, weekly lesson plans are created for all students. Specifically for online students, hand-written lesson notes are provided following each lesson and music theory assignments are corrected 48 hours prior and subsequently covered during the lesson time. Additionally, both online and local piano students are welcome to message Dr. Campbell (within reason) with questions about their assignments should they arise throughout the week.

Student requirements:

Students must have at least one, clear camera view from a device that is preferably plugged into a modem via an ethernet cable or a strong wifi signal. A second, aerial view is required for beginning level students so fingering can be closely monitored. Use of headphones and a microphone is optional.

Student participation in studio events:

Online students participate in live studio classes, recitals and social media posts as much as possible. Some also participate in the nationally recognized Royal Conservatory Music Development Program evaluation.

*Please note adult students are not required to participate in studio events or posts unless they wish

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