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Studying piano provides a challenging yet rewarding journey for students of all ages. By incorporating the fundamentals of piano into each student’s lesson, a solid understanding of piano playing and musical expression are attained. Just as athletes must hone their skills mentally and physically, pianists must do the same.


Mentally, an athlete must know every component of their game from its structure, names of different “moves”, strategy, and history. They must combine each of these components mentally to play an effective game. In the same way, pianists must use their mental ability to recognize notes, patterns, key signatures, rhythm, phrases and dynamics, combining each component to learn and perform a piece of music successfully with musicality.


Physically, athletes must develop and maintain muscle skill and memory (via practice and exercise) to ensure they have the proper technique to carry out the mental components of a game. Pianists must also develop and maintain a strong technique in order to successfully execute all notes in a piece of music. Attaining these skills takes hard work but the multiple rewards of successfully learning and connecting to a piece of music outweigh the grit required.


Students of studioB learn the following fundamentals of piano:

* Ability to read and learn a score

* Musical expression in varying genres of music

* Aural and rhythmic skills

* Music theory and history

* Ensemble playing

* Memorization

* Public Performance


In addition, students learn invaluable life skills:

* The fruits of discipline and dedication

* Responsibility

* Motivation

* A sense of achievement leading to increased self-esteem

* Quick thinking and multi-tasking

* Public Performance

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