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The Specifics


There are a number of piano and keyboard options available for purchase on the web and in-store depending on your location. 


Online keyboard purchasing options:,,,


*Remember that all keyboards need a keyboard stand, adjustable bench, and eventually a sustain pedal. If you plan to use your keyboard on the go, its matching brand AC adapter would also be good to own. Pedals are needed once a student has advanced to a stage where they can coordinate both their hands and feet at the same time. This varies from student to student but typical pedal use begins 4 months to a year after they have begun lessons.


In-store purchasing options: 

It is highly recommended that you purchase any acoustic instrument in-store or directly from the seller. This is to ensure that all parts of the piano are working properly and that the student actually enjoys playing on the particular instrument. Each acoustic piano, more so than keyboards, has their very own unique feel and it is important that the student connects with the feeling of the instrument before purchasing.


Ask me directly for in-store options in your area. Piano stores often offer the option of renting an acoustic instrument for a certain amount per month which can then be applied towards a down payment should you decide to purchase the instrument. Stores provide both new and used options on pianos and keyboards.


There are many brands of acoustic pianos, the following  being some of the most recognized:

Steinway & Sons, Kawai, Baldwin, Mason and Hamlin, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, and Fazioli.


Acoustic uprights or "verticals": pictured below, this is a great option for those seeking the true feel of an acoustic instrument at a more economical price point than an acoustic grand piano. These pianos are ideal for smaller spaces and are easier to move than a grand.








Baby grand pianos: these pianos range anywhere from 4'9''-5'6''. Due to the longer strings, the sound produced is more full-bodied in comparison to an upright. The larger the baby grand, the more similar in sound it will be to a regular grand.


Grand pianos: these pianos range anywhere from 5'6''-9''. Again, due to the longer strings, the sound produced is more full-bodied in comparison to an upright or smaller baby grand.












Remember that all acoustic pianos need an accompanying adjustable bench and require tuning typically every 6-8 months.


*Please refer here for exact measurements on acoustic uprights aka "verticals" and grands


*For more information on tonal differences between baby grands and grands, please refer here


Black, upright piano
Black, grand piano
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