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Please email Dr. Campbell at for current rates.

***Please note that online lessons are the same rate as lessons that occur in my home. The same level of expertise is provided and even more time is required prior to and following these lessons in regard to setup, lesson note-writing, and correcting theory homework***

  • 60 minutes is the minimum requirement for any student unless they are in the 4-5 year old age range and a beginner

  • 1.5-2 hours is highly recommended for students on a competition track

Payment options:

Paypal, Venmo, credit card, check and cash.


Studio Policies:



Please approach piano lessons the same way you would approach your child’s other extra-curricular activities such as dance, gymnastics, tutoring, martial arts, etc. You do not ask these instructors to move class times. Please do not ask this for their piano class. Be sure the time you choose for piano lessons is one you can commit to 100%. When you pay tuition, you are paying for one specific time slot on one specific day.


Due to my schedule, make-up lessons will not be offered for forgetfulness, last-minute cancellations and even illness. You will be provided 1 courtesy credit for the Fall semester (September-December) and 2 courtesy credits for the Spring semester (January-May) to cover instances like these. Once semester courtesy credits have been exhausted, tuition paid will be forfeited regardless of the situation unless it is absolutely dire.


Please keep in mind that there are typically only 3 lessons in the months of November and December due to holidays.



Tardiness will result in a shorter lesson time. Extra time cannot be guaranteed in order to provide the student the full duration of their scheduled lesson slot. Please be sensitive to this as the instructor will either have a student or other commitments immediately after your child.



All lessons for the month must be paid in full on the first lesson of each month. Cash payment is preferred but check and credit card are also fine for busy families that cannot always make it to the bank. Please note there is a 2.75% service charge for using a credit card.


You will be presented with an invoice in the last week of each month. The invoice will list each lesson, branch recital, competition, evaluation or workshop fees, and books or supplies. A late fee of $10/week will be assessed on balances over 7 days past due.



Every student is expected to practice consistently. Most cannot do this alone and need constant encouragement and monitoring from parents. Consistent practice is better than 1 or 2 days of heavy practice/week. Consider splitting up practice time and practicing after a school snack and after dinner. The use of practice charts is also helpful. While the amount of practice time is important, more important is HOW students practice in this time. Students should not be practicing fast and sloppily with mistakes as then they are repeatedly practicing the mistakes in this way. Students should work to practice in a tempo with no mistakes and not increase the tempo until they can play in “slow motion” with zero mistakes. Please be sure there are no loud distractions ongoing during your student’s practice.


If a student is not keeping up with their practicing and assignments, they will be in danger of being dropped from the studio. In this case, I would rather give their lesson slot to a waitlist student who is willing to put in the practice time.


I reserve the right to discontinue lessons at my own discretion


Required Materials:

  • A piano-All students must own/have consistent access to an acoustic piano (upright, baby grand, grand) or electric keyboard (preferably 88 keys but 61 keys works for beginners). For more information on types of acoustic pianos and electric keyboards, please click here. I can also provide you a more in-depth list should you study with me.


  • Assignment notebook-this is where I will write weekly assignments and where students will record their daily practice time. This can come in the form of a basic notepad, spiral notebook, moleskin, or 3-ring binder with notebook paper. Students can have fun with this by decorating the cover with whatever they wish! Many students choose to place their weekly stickers from me on their notebooks :)


  • Books-all books and pieces are assigned by me and typically ordered by me. Charges for books and any other supplemental materials will be placed on the month's invoice.


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